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When people look at the economic conditions in their country, such as the United States, what they fail to realize is that the United States labor and stock markets tend to just be representative of the economic conditions of the world as a whole. This is also true for the markets of other countries and continents as you can see here https://www.onlinerouletteplay18.com/.

If you look at the far right of the table, you will notice a three-year chart for each of these indices. What you will notice is basically a sea of green with only a few of these indices down over a three-year period.

The United States can have a significant impact on the world market, which is one of the reasons that we see China down over three years as well as dramatically down this year. Investor confidence in China has dropped a bit as its biggest market, namely the United States, has decided to increase the tariffs on Chinese-manufactured goods. The necessary result of that is that United States retailers especially, but also other industries in the United States, are going to be more inclined to get their materials and/or sale items from elsewhere, if not discontinue the use of the goods entirely.

The Dollar Tree is an example of a retailer that epitomizes low prices. Namely, every single item in the entire store costs $1, or less. As a result, the Dollar Tree must buy its items for sale as cheaply as possible, which often entails buying items in bulk that have been manufactured in China. This is demonstrated in the USA Today article thus:

From the USA Today article:

Late last month, President Donald Trump slapped a 10 percent tariff on $200 billion worth of Chinese imports. Unlike previous rounds of tariffs on Chinese products, which largely taxed industrial goods, the new duty touches everyday consumer items.

The result is that there will be a total of 20 billion dollars paid just in tariffs which, simply put, are just a tax on imported goods. The effect becomes more clear if you look at Dollar Tree's stock value just in the last year, which has cratered.